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After braces, you ought to consult an orthodontist about whether a retainer is necessary and what type would be beneficial. But why would straight teeth need a retainer? Without a proper retainer, teeth can slowly shift to their original position, causing complications. 

So, where can you turn for all things to do with retainers in Bloomington? Contact Sugar Creek Orthodontics. For decades, we have provided superior-quality orthodontic care to people in Bloomington, Lincoln, Normal, and the surrounding areas. We custom-make retainers and other types of orthodontic appliances to suit our patients’ exact needs. To start with us, schedule a free consultation.

Types of Retainers

There are three common types of retainers:

  1. Hawley retainers: These consist of a thin, tongue-shaped piece of acrylic and wires that hold teeth in position. The Hawley retainer is simple, durable, and easy to remove or put in place. The acrylic piece can be personalized and feature different colors and designs.
  2. Clear aligner retainers: These are made of a thin, transparent plastic that we personalize to fit precisely over teeth. The biggest advantage of clear aligner retainers is they are virtually invisible. While somewhat less durable than Hawley retainers, these are just as easy to remove and put in place.
  3. Fixed retainers: As their name implies, these are not easily removable. Like certain types of braces, fixed retainers feature wires that bond to the tongue side of teeth. They stay in place for months or longer and are advantageous when there is a high risk of teeth reverting to their former positions.

Why Retainers Are Necessary

Teeth are not fixed in the jawbone. A network of fibers called periodontal ligaments holds them in place. After teeth move, it takes several months for periodontal ligaments to adjust to the new position. Retainers secure teeth in place during this period, keeping new smiles looking great. 

Fortunately, most orthodontists fit patients with a retainer on the same day they remove their braces. At Sugar Creek Orthodontics, we take x-rays and bite impressions to check the effectiveness of braces. With this information, we may recommend a retainer and offer details about how long a patient should wear one.

Does it Take Long to Adjust to Retainers? 

Some find they produce more saliva than usual for a day or so after first wearing a retainer. This is a normal reaction to a foreign object in the mouth. Others have difficulty talking at first but overcome the problem. Most generally adjust to retainers and have very few issues with them.

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Retainer Maintenance 

Retainers need proper cleaning to stay fresh and germ-free. A regular toothbrush can clean Hawley retainers. However, brushes can scratch clear aligner retainers. Denture cleaners and special-made retainer cleaners are generally best for removable types. As for fixed retainers, regular brushing and flossing are adequate. 

Beyond cleaning, it is important to always carry and use a retainer case to avoid misplacing or throwing one away. Also, do not expose retainers to excessive heat by washing them with hot water or leaving them on a heater. These things can warp retainers and make them unusable. 

For Custom-Made Retainers in Bloomington

We are proud of our decades of success, which we owe to the quality of care we provide. No two smiles are the same, so we tailor our services to the needs of every person we serve. With a retainer from us, you can feel confident it will protect your smile, ensuring it looks great and functions well for years. 

To start with us, call (217) 769-8089 or reach out online. We offer free consultations.

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