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Our Free Grow Up Smiling Program 

At Sugar Creek Orthodontics, we have made it easy to keep up with your child’s orthodontic needs with our Grow Up Smiling Program. This a free—yes, free—program that you can enroll your child in after they turn 7. Participating in it lets you get all the information necessary to make smart decisions about orthodontic treatment.

Below are details about how it works: 

  1. You make an initial appointment. During this visit, we will assess your child’s teeth and bite using X-rays and other diagnostic methods. 
  2. We will offer guidance on necessary treatment and when your child needs them. 
  3. We will conduct yearly checkups to monitor your child’s dental development. 
  4. We will work closely with your dentist to deliver comprehensive treatment that supports your child’s overall dental health. 

We want to say it again: these visits are free. Tending to your child’s orthodontic care is easy with Sugar Creek Orthodontics.

The Benefits of Our Grow Up Smiling Program

We are proud to say our Grow Up Smiling Program has benefitted countless parents and children. 

For parents, it has: 

  • Allowed them to budget for future treatment 
  • Provided information about utilizing insurance and employer-provided benefits 
  • Given access to professional guidance on the best timing for their child’s treatment 
  • Offered the peace of mind that comes with knowing their child is receiving the care they need to have a healthy, beautiful smile

For children, it has:

  • Provided a positive experience in a caring dental office environment
  • Taught the importance of dental health 
  • Helped them have a smile they are proud of 

As we see it, there is no reason to miss this opportunity to receive professional orthodontic advice throughout the most important years of your child’s smile development. 

Enroll today by calling (217) 769-8089 or reaching out to us online.

Why Should Your Child See an Orthodontist by Age 7?

The Association for American Orthodontics recommends that children see an orthodontist for an examination by age 7. The goal of this early assessment is to address issues such as misaligned or crowded teeth and bite abnormalities before they become worse. Doing so helps children and parents avoid the difficulties and stress of extensive orthodontic treatment

Whether your child’s seventh birthday is approaching or has already passed, get in touch with our office. We would gladly enroll them in our Grow Up Smiling program. Do you have more questions about our program or what we do at Sugar Creek Orthodontics? Call us today! We are always happy to answer questions and discuss the care we provide. 

You can reach us at (217) 769-8089 or via our online contact form. We serve Bloomington, Lincoln, Normal, and the nearby cities. 

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